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Videography with Bowers Court Reporting

Video Conferencing Services

Take advantage of Bowers Court Reporting videoconferencing services. Enjoy the convenience of a simple web and audio interface that can be used anywhere. Instead of spending valuable time traveling to and from distant depositions, you can use our videoconferencing services from the comfort of your own office. In addition to increasing revenues and driving down expenses, you'll boost productivity. Call us now to learn how videoconferencing can help you recover and reinvest your time and resources into other matters.


Our final transcripts can be delivered in the popular, digitally-signed E-Transcript format – guaranteeing a 100% tamperproof file you can feel confident about referencing in court. Use the free E-Transcript Viewer to print and review your E-Transcript file or import it into transcript management products like LiveNote SR. E-Transcript files ensure page and line integrity, unlike archaic ASCII files which are prone to shifting. Each file includes a word index for easy keyword searches. Of course, a PDF file is always available upon request.

Melinda Bowers and her team at Bowers Court Reporting adhere to the ‘extra mile philosophy;’ they cheerfully go the extra mile in ensuring that your job is handled with aplomb and professionalism from the moment it’s scheduled to the moment your job is delivered.

Exhibits Linked and Video Synced

We can “OCR” the exhibit documents and then link to them from the transcript text. Simply click on a hyperlinked word in the transcript to view the referenced exhibit. We will also synchronize deposition video to the transcript for you and include it in a cohesive package!

We can provide the file to you in one of two ways. A LiveNote Evidence Format (LEF) file maximizes your investment in LiveNote SR as it imports directly into your software. We also output formats that are convenient and high-quality even if you don’t use LiveNote SR. A self-contained RealLegal Publisher Bundle requires no special software but enables you to view the video, and search the transcripts and OCR exhibits. You can even save the Publisher Bundle as an SBF file.

Bowers Court Reporting Services include Videography

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iBinder Web Repository

We can provide a personalized, secure, online Web repository that is private to your firm and case. You and your team can access transcripts, exhibits and video at any time, from anywhere – giving you instant access to case files.

Exhibit Scanning

At Bowers Court Reporting, we understand how important your exhibits are to your case, and we know how difficult it can be to keep track of so much paperwork. This is why we offer Exhibit Scanning to PDF, Exhibit Scanning to E-Transcript Bundle, and an Exhibit Repository.

Complimentary conference room available with Bowers Court Reporting

Offices and Conference Room

Our serene, beautifully-decorated offi ces are the perfect location for mediation. We offer free use of our available office and conference rooms as an exclusive perk to our existing clients. Click here to learn more about office rental.